World of NCIS


When Will I Be Underwhelmed


NCIS versus Soilbleed


A very, very rough version of a versus remix. I might have to give up on this idea because the tonalities are way too different.

Lost Forever (DeadMa2 remix)


Robert Miles collides with Deadmau5 in this remix of uncertain attribution’s Lost Forever.

I Like to Destillat


I think I heard a versus remix of Das Ich’s Destillat against Reel 2 Real’s I Like to Move It about five years ago. My memory was awoken when I heard the VNV Nation remix of Destillat on Friday, but I cannot find the “versus” version anywhere — so here is my version instead!

The Typography Blues (revisited)


Original Version

The Typography Blues


With apologies to George Gershwin: white man — particularly this one — can’t sing the blues.

With apologies to the listener: it’s rough and ready, words written and the four parts recorded in about an hour and a half. And I can’t sing the blues. Or even sing.


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