With apologies to Augustana; this comedy cover was put together in just four hours, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. But even I sound like Coldplay now.

Call the Cowboys Home


“Call the Ships to Port” by Covenant went a bit silly in my head. Now it’s “Call the Cowboys Home”. The rules:

  • no music
  • no practice
  • figured out by ear as I went along
  • one take for each track (no going back and fixing mistakes)
  • instrumentation: one guitar, my voice (beats are done by knocking the body of the guitar)

Paradigm Break


It’s so late in the evening that it’s already late in the morning. Fuelled by non-alcoholic cocktails that GarageBand breakbeat loop got stuck in my head. A couple of riffs from Liquid Tension Experiment’s “Paradigm Shift” started playing themselves, and this prog / industrial / breakbeat mash-up was born. The video above was added afterwards, using an EyeToy camera which struggled to stay in sync with the music.

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