Call the Cowboys Home


“Call the Ships to Port” by Covenant went a bit silly in my head. Now it’s “Call the Cowboys Home”. The rules:

  • no music
  • no practice
  • figured out by ear as I went along
  • one take for each track (no going back and fixing mistakes)
  • instrumentation: one guitar, my voice (beats are done by knocking the body of the guitar)

Paranoia Infection (radio/karaoke edit)


The full version of Paranoia Infection was about twice as long and contained many verses of misanthropic lyrics. It was all written and recorded during the evening of 31st December 2007-1st January 2008. Part of the original soundtrack featured the sounds of fireworks in Old Trafford celebrating the New Year.

I particularly like the entry of the distorted guitars, but most especially the ring of the overdriven piano.



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