Begun somewhere in Øresund having crossed the strait.

Driving side-chain-compressed bass and pads push the song along, forwards on the journey through a water-filled landscape.


World of NCIS


When Will I Be Underwhelmed


NCIS versus Soilbleed


A very, very rough version of a versus remix. I might have to give up on this idea because the tonalities are way too different.

Cyber Scene Instigation


Cheesy derivative TBM with samples ripped from CSI: Miami.

Eating the Fig


Drops galore in this bass-heavy dance track. Beats are taken from Eshan Khadaroo’s “Clockwork Nasty”. The rest done in Reason using patches from a variety of free Refills:

  • Stompp “Synth Textures”
  • XSynth Free “Leads”
  • XSynth Free “Pattern”

Lost Forever (DeadMa2 remix)


Robert Miles collides with Deadmau5 in this remix of uncertain attribution’s Lost Forever.


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